Best Instagram Accounts for Travel Inspiration

Travel Inspiration

Hello and happy Friday! Travelling is one of my biggest loves and I cannot wait to explore Europe for the first time this summer. Something I like to do before going on a trip is to check out my favourite travel and outdoor Instagram accounts for inspiration and recommendations.

Here’s a list of my favourite Instagram accounts for travel inspiration:

Song of Style

Aimee from Song of Style posts the most stunning travel photos with a focus on fashion.

To Vogue or Bust

Alexandra Grant from the Instagram account To Vogue or Bust also post the most beautiful travel and style photos. I love her travel tips and recommendations in her captions!

Hello Emilie

Hello Emilie’s Instagram account is where you will find breathtakingly beautiful outdoor/landscape photos from all over the world. I get major wanderlust looking at her account!

Marianna Hewitt

The Instagram for Marianna Hewitt focuses on a bit of everything, including travel and fashion however she CRUSHES the beach destination game. Her beach photos are sooo beautiful and inspiring.

Beautiful Destinations

Beautiful Destinations is an Instagram account that shows you beautiful locations from all over the world. This is a great account for discovering new places to travel to!

Instagram Tips

Here are some basic tips that I use when checking Instagram for travel inspiration:

  • I turn on notifications for my favourite travel and outdoor Instagram accounts. This way I’m less likely to miss a post, especially if they are currently in the destination I’m travelling to soon. I’ve discovered new places this way that I’ve added to my travel bucket list!
  • I love to search the #hashtags for each destination. I will type in specific locations such as “Rome” or “Positano” into the hashtag section on Instagram. This is an amazing way to discover new restaurants, bars, stores etc. that I wouldn’t have otherwise known about! If I see multiple people raving about a certain restaurant, I will definitely be making a reservation before I go.
  • Using the save feature on Instagram and saving photos is another great way to gather ideas of places to travel to in the future. I feel so inspired when I see a breathtaking shot of someone in a beautiful foreign location and I feel compelled to go and check it out for myself! I’m not a fan of directly copying a photo (for example getting the exact same pose in the same location). But I enjoy using a nice photo to help inspire my own creative take.

Thank you so much for reading! Hopefully you found some travel inspiration! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog to ensure you never miss a post. I would greatly appreciate it! Have a great weekend! xoxo

Travel Inspiration


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