Quick Hiking Guide – Goldstream Trestle on Vancouver Island

Goldstream Trestle Hike

Hello and welcome back! This past weekend my husband and I took a trip over to Vancouver Island to do some exploring in and around Victoria. We had such a blast! Vancouver island is so beautiful and filled with great hiking trails and scenic parks. Today’s post is about one of our hiking adventures from the trip – Goldstream Trestle.

Quick Facts:

Goldstream Trestle is a steep 3 KM hike to an old railway trestle bridge that’s located in Goldstream Provincial Park. The hike goes above the Niagara waterfall (nothing like the actual Falls in Ontario though!). The hike duration is approximately 1 hour round trip. It’s very steep (about 170m elevation gain) and slippery in some areas so please use caution. Niagara Falls is a 5 minute walk to the left of the trailhead. It’s worth walking over to get a nice view of the waterfall!

Goldstream Trestle Hike

Driving Directions:

The hike is about a 30 minute drive from Downtown Victoria and is easy to access by car. In the summer, the highway turnoff point for day use parking at Goldstream Park is at Finlayson Arm Road. To access the hike, follow the walking directions for the Information Center and turn left once you see a tunnel. Continue walking through this tunnel, which goes directly under the highway.

In the off season, the tunnel is filled with water and thus inaccessible. To access the Goldstream Trestle hike from the highway, parking will be on the West side of Island highway, so do not exit at Finlayson Arm Road. Continue driving past this exit until you hit the U-Turn point, which is about 5 KMS away. Make a u-turn and drive back a few minutes (towards Victoria) and park at an available spot off the highway. There won’t be any obvious signs for parking but you’ll be able to see the parking area from the highway.

Goldstream Trestle Hike Access:

Given this was my first time hiking Goldstream Trestle, I found it a bit confusing to find the trailhead. When doing research, I wasn’t able to find much in the way of clear, concise information online but we managed to ask around when we got there. What I learned was: the hike is located on the north side of Niagara Creek, to the right (close to the highway). Cross the creek and begin your (steep!) hike upwards. At the beginning there are two points that look like trailheads. Keep to the right and walk around a bend and you’re on your way up!

Helpful Tips:

Once you reach the top, you’ll enjoy a beautiful view of the trestle bridge surrounded by a gorgeous forest. I didn’t end up walking along the bridge, though many other fellow hikers did, including my husband. I’ve got a huge fear of heights, so I hung out and took my pictures from wayyyyy back. Be careful on the bridge! There are no railings and there are gaps in between the boards! There are warnings online advising not walk across because it’s dangerous and I can see why. Walk at your own risk. You can still get great pictures from further back! And as always, it’s best to go early! The trestle hike is popular and it was busy with other hikers when we went midday. If you’re really hoping for awesome pictures, the earlier the better :). It’s a fairly short hike, but make sure to bring water along with you, especially in the summer.

Goldstream Trestle Hike

Goldstream Trestle Hike

Goldstream Trestle Hike

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know if you guys have done this hike in the comments below! We also hiked to Mystic Beach during this trip, which is another gorgeous spot along the Juan de Fuca Trail. You can check out that post here!

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  1. What a beautiful spot! I’ve only been to Goldstream Provincial Park and remember getting very lost. Look forward to reading your Mystic Beach post!

    1. Hi Danielle! Thanks so much! Ya Goldstream Park seemed huge! I’ll have to go back again to do some more exploring :). My post on Mystic Beach will be up later this week :). Have you been there before?

  2. Glad you enjoyed our beautiful island 🙂 Thanks for sharing your tips for this hike! Although I’ve lived here most of my life I still have never done this one! It is on mine and my husband’s to do list this summer though 🙂

    1. Vancouver Island is so beautiful! As is this hike! You and your husband will love this one ☺. Thanks so much for reading 💛

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