Top 5 Beginner Hikes in Vancouver

Quarry Rock Hike

Hello and welcome back! Today, I’m really excited to be sharing another hiking post with you guys. Hiking is one of my absolute favourite pastimes and I feel so lucky to live in Vancouver and have access to the most beautiful hiking trails. Whenever I’m hiking and in nature, I somehow feel more calm and at peace…I’m kind of addicted to the feeling! This post is about my top recommendations for the 5 best beginner hikes in the Lower Mainland. These trails are perfect if you’re just starting out or if you want to ease yourself into the hiking season.

Quarry Rock (North Shore)

Beginner Hikes BC

Location: Deep Cove, North Vancouver

Quick Facts: Quarry Rock is a very beginner friendly hike and if you haven’t already read my full post on Quarry Rock, you can check it out here. The hike duration is about 1.5 hours round trip, with not a lot of elevation gain. It’s dog friendly, open year round and it gets very busy so parking in Deep Cove can be a bit of a challenge. My advice, as always is to arrive early to avoid the crowds 🙂

Lion’s Bay Loop (Howe Sound)

Beginner Hikes BC

Location: Lion’s Bay. Lion’s Bay Loop is located along highway 99 towards Whistler, BC, in between Horseshoe Bay and Furry Creek.

Quick Facts: This is a short, 90 minute round trip hike in Howe Sound. It has a nice variety of scenery with views of both mountains and woodsy areas. There isn’t much elevation gain so it’s definitely more of a beginner trail. There are great views starting right at the trail head of the Howe Sound mountains.

Alice Lake (Howe Sound)

Beginner Hikes BC

Location: Squamish, BC, in Alice Lake Provincial Park

Quick Facts: Alice Lake is an easy, 6km round trip hike that takes about 2 hours to complete. It has minimal elevation gain so it’s a great hike to get you started, with really pretty views of the lake!

Eagle Bluffs (North Shore)

Beginner Hikes BC

Location: North Vancouver

Quick Facts: This hike is more on the difficult side of this beginner hikes list. It’s an 8km hike, which is about 4 hours round trip.  It’s quite a bit longer than the other hikes I’ve mentioned, however, in terms of difficulty it’s a relatively flat trail. There are some steep areas but overall, I feel that it’s still a good beginner trail to get started into the world of hiking. The views are so incredible!!

Goat Mountain (North Shore)

Beginner Hikes BC

Location: Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver

Quick Facts: This hike is one of my top 5 favouite hikes that I’ve ever done. Similar to Eagle Bluffs, it’s a bit more on the difficult side, while still being a good beginner friendly hike. Goat Mountain is approximately 4 hours in duration and 8km round trip. It’s quite a bit longer than the other hikes mentioned in this list, but it’s completely worth it because the views are amazing! Once you’re done, you can treat yourself to a beavertail on Grouse :).

Thank you so much for reading! Hopefully this post has inspired you plan some amazing hikes. Be sure to subscribe to my blog to ensure that you never miss a post! See you in my next one! xoxo Candice

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