Most Underrated Parks in Vancouver

Hello and welcome back! Vancouver has some of the most beautiful scenery and there are so many stunning local parks to choose from! Today’s post is about the prettiest but lesser known parks in and around the city. Not only are they picturesque and beautiful, but they’re also great because the views are easy to get to without much effort. It’s nice when a gorgeous view is just a short walk away. Here are my Top 3 Underrated Parks in Vancouver:

Whytecliff Park (Horseshoe Bay)

Whytecliff Park is one of the best places to watch the sunset in Vancouver (in my opinion!) with a gorgeous view of Horseshoe Bay. It’s located in West Vancouver, about a 15-20 minute drive from the city. The beach area is fairly close to the parking lot, so it’s relatively easy to access.

Lynn Canyon Park (North Vancouver)

I love Lynn Canyon Park because of the how gorgeous the green water is in the waterfall pools! There are two ways to get to this park. You can cross over the Lynn Canyon Suspension bridge (which is a free alternative to the Capilano Suspension Bridge, if you’re wanting to check one out) or you can cross over at the Twin Falls Bridge. The second option is where I prefer to cross because I’m not a fan of heights. Twin Falls bridge is made of solid wood and it’s also not as high up as Lynn Canyon, so I feel much more stable. Points of interest: Twin Falls (beautiful and easy to access – no major hiking required) and 30 Foot Pools which is about a 15 minute walk from the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

Lighthouse Park (West Vancouver)

My third choice is Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. This is also an excellent spot to enjoy the sunset and the lighthouse itself lends a unique charm. There are a few short walking trails in the park to explore; the one with the best view of the lighthouse is along the West Beach.

Thank you so much for reading! Leave a comment below with your favourite park in Vancouver! xoxo Candice

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