Top 5 Things to See in Hong Kong

I had the most incredible time in during my 7 day trip in to Hong Kong; there’s so much to see and do!  It was mostly foggy (or smoggy?) during our visit in January 2012, but that had little impact on my experience. In today’s post, I’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 must see attractions during your visit to Hong Kong. I’ll be writing a separate post with my complete One Week Travel Itinerary to Hong Kong very soon!

  1. Ngong Ping 360 – This is an aerial tramway on Lantau Island that takes you to Ngong Ping Village. The views from the tram are spectacular! Pictures don’t really do it justice.



2. Tien Tan Buddha – Once you’ve reached the top of the Ngong Ping 360 and you’ve entered into the Village, further in you’ll find the Tien Tan Buddha, or the “Big Buddha”. This was so much fun to see and I really enjoyed walking up the steps to see the Tien Tan Buddha up close. The views once you’re up there overlooking the village are also really nice.


3. Victoria Peak – This is one of the major tourist attractions in Hong Kong. Victoria Peak is the highest mountain on Hong Kong Island and being afraid of heights, I was both excited and nervous to check it out. The views were fantastic (despite the fog) and you’re able to see out towards Victoria Harbour and Kowloon. We rented a car and drove up to the top on the peak, however renting a car isn’t necessary as there’s a tram and public transportation available to access the Peak.


4. Po Lin Monastery – Located on Ngong Ping Plateau (same village as the Tien Tan Buddha) is this beautiful Buddhist Monastery. Of note, it contains three statues of Buddha which we were told represent his past, present and future lives, pictured below.


5. Hong Kong Museum of History- This was a great way to learn about the history and culture of Hong Kong.


Hong Kong is such an interesting and culturally rich place. Out of all the things one could do when visiting Honk Kong, those are my top 5 “must sees”. You will not be disappointed! 🙂 Stay tuned for my One Week Travel Itinerary to Hong Kong :).

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6 thoughts on “Top 5 Things to See in Hong Kong

      1. No we are not in HK (wish we were?), as tourists we only see the usual Peak, markets and Abeerdeen, Stanley bay etc…Mel’s been to the big Buddha but I have not. That’s why the tramway is something to add to our list of “done” things

    1. Oh wow!! You got engaged on The Peak!! I’m sure that would have been incredible!! Awesome, thanks for those other places! We did go to Ocean Park, which I loved. But I’ve never heard of the other two. I’ll have to put them on my list for next time! Where is the Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery?

      1. I think the nearest MTR for Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monestry is Sha Tin. You have to be prepared for a trek up a long hill but it’s worth it. The name does not disappoint – there really are THOUSANDS of life-sized Buddha statues! 🙂

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