Winter Getaway in BC – Vernon

It’s hard to believe that January is already more than half way over! It feels like New Years Eve just happened! While the snow in Vancouver is melting away (we actually got some snow this year! Very rare!), it’s being replaced by the usual rain for the winter season. Today’s post is about a great winter escape, Vernon BC.

I’m originally from Ontario and even though I’ve been living in BC going on 8 years now, I still can’t quite get used to the gloom. One of my favourite ways to escape the grey skies in Vancouver during the winter months is by going on a weekend getaway to the interior of BC. The weather in the Okanagan is more similar to that of Ontario – with snow, cold temperatures and most importantly, sun! I loooove the sun. Even if it’s not particularly sunny out during your visit, the town of Vernon is small and quaint and is surrounded by gorgeous lakes, hikes and mountains. It’s a great place to visit if you’re wanting a quick weekend getaway during the winter for a change of scenery – and some beautiful scenery at that!


What to See

The photos above are overlooking Kalamalka Lake, one of the most stunning and picturesque lakes in the BC interior, especially during the winter! I love looking at the snow covered hills and trees paired with the beautiful blue water. There’s also Okanagan lake close by with incredible scenic views as well.

What to Do

A nearby hiking favourite of mine in both summer and winter is Rattlesnake Point, which is an easy hike with views of both ends of Okanagan lake. I didn’t have the opportunity to do this hike during my most recent visit in December so unfortunately there aren’t any photos included in this post. BUT I’ll be visiting Vernon again this summer and I’ll make sure to hike Rattlesnake Point and take tons of pictures! Summer Getaway to Vernon on the blog coming summer 2017! 🙂

Another great wintertime activity in Vernon is to checkout Silver Star Mountain. If you’re into skiing and snowboarding this resort is top notch. If not, there’s an ice rink for skating and restaurants and shops to explore in the village. One of my favourite bakeries in the village is Bugaboo’s, they have the most delicious chocolate croissants and coffee!

One of my favourite things to do in Vernon in the wintertime is to explore along Pinnacle Road on Silver Star Mountain. There are so many fabulous cabins. One of these winters, I’m going to plan a trip to actually stay in one of the cabins (lol!) but for now, I’ll just admire them from the outside. My husband Rory’s parents live in Vernon so we stay with them during our visits and Silver Star resort is a short drive away. I think next winter I’m going to plan for us all to stay in one of these cozy cabins! How cute are they!?



Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post! Find me on Instagram for more travel and hiking photos!

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