Vancouver Snowshoe Trails – Mt. Seymour

There’s no better way to spend a weekend morning (in my opinion!) than getting a workout in while surrounded by beautiful snow-covered everything. Snowshoeing is such a fantastic way to exercise with the added benefit of being outdoors and in the midst of nature. Its extra rewarding in my books because I love the feeling of being cold outside but being able to warm up afterwards with a hot drink and treat and feeling like I’ve earned it. A great spot for snowshoeing in Vancouver is Mount Seymour and today’s post is all about Mt. Seymour’s snowshoe trails.


Quick Facts

Mt. Seymour is located in North Vancouver, BC and at the base of the mountain to the left of the bunny hill, you’ll find the snowshoe trails along with the chalet for gear rentals. Mt. Seymour offers both back country trails and trails run by the resort. I’ll be writing about the resort trails in this post but if you want to read more about the Mt. Seymour back country trails, please check out my blog post linked here.

Once you get to the entrance of the snowshoe trails, there’s a map outlining several routes that you can take and they all loop back to where you started. There aren’t any “summits” on these trails but they all still offer beautiful views of snow-covered trees and a lake (depending on which route you’ve taken). It’s a really peaceful way to spend time outdoors in the winter (especially if you’re not a skier, like me!) and to exercise at the same time. If you’re planning take most of the trails, you can expect to spend about 2 or 3 hours snowshoeing depending on your pace.


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