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I was apprehensive about attempting the Road to Hana, which is a 64.4 mile road along the North Eastern part of Maui. The appeal is that it’s scattered with waterfalls and other natural beauty. While doing research for our trip this past September, I had heard that the narrow winding roads and tourist traffic would make for a miserable time. Depending on who we spoke to, it was either an amazing adventure or an epic disaster. My husband and I decided to take a chance and see for ourselves, so we went ahead anyway. It paid off. BIG TIME. Though I should warn you, I became very nauseous because of how winding the roads were and I’m not normally prone to car sickness. We had to pull over a few times but we made it :). Here are some pictures from our adventure! More photos to come!!

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Twin Falls, our first stop:





One of the biggest pieces of advice that we got while researching and speaking to others in preparation for our trip was to take our time exploring. We didn’t have accommodation booked along the road in advance so it wasn’t possible for us to stay overnight and stretch the trip out over two days. We completed the Road to Hana in one full day, and it was amazing!! If you’re thinking of going but don’t want to commit to two days, you can!

There are SO many information guides online and books that you can read for recommendations on what to see and do along the road. We used Frommer’s Hawaii 2016 and found it very helpful. You can find the 2017 version online here.

The biggest highlight for me was the Pipiwai Trail in Haleakala National Park. This was the most amazing hike and involves walking through a bamboo forest! The sound of the bamboo in the wind is incredible. I highly recommend checking out this hike!



Thanks for reading! Happy travels! xo C

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