Maui’s Secret Beach

Often referred to as Maui’s “Secret Beach”, Makena Cove is one of the most gorgeous spots on the island to watch the sun go down. Just past Wailea is the area of Makena, where you will find the beach situated between two ocean front homes. The entranceway is not obvious from the road and the beach is behind a high rock wall. Makena Cove is a small, intimate beach and as a result, a very popular spot for wedding ceremonies. We’ve seen four ceremonies happening here at once! Despite this, the view is still worth it! I recommend visiting early morning or mid day when its less likely that a wedding ceremony will be going on. Check out photos below!! 🙂

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Here is a photo of the wall near the entranceway. Beach access is just to the left in this photo.


Early morning at Makena Cove:


Makena Cove before and at sunset:


Weddings!! You can see several other wedding groups trying to get their photos done. Don’t worry, we didn’t get in the way of any shots!


Let me know if you check out Maui’s secret cove during your next Hawaiian vacation!

xo, Candice
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