Dog Mountain Snowshoe Trail – North Vancouver, BC

Dog Mountain Snowshoe trail

Today’s post is about one of my favourite snowshoe trails in the winter and a fantastic hike in the summer, Dog Mountain! This is a relatively easy snowshoe trail with stunning views of the city. A must do on your winter hiking/snow shoeing list.

Another really gorgeous snowshoe trail around Vancouver is the Black Mountain Loop and you can read all about that one in my post here. A quick preview – this trail is definitely more difficult than Dog Mountain, so if you’re looking for more of a challenging trail I recommend checking out Black Mountain Loop.


Dog Mountain – Quick Facts

Located on Mount Seymour in North Vancouver, this trail is about 2 hours round trip. On a clear day at the summit of Dog Mountain, you’ll see the most amazing view overlooking all of Vancouver. Little tip – try to get to the mountain as early as possible, ideally before 9:00am to avoid challenges with parking.

Snowshoe rentals are available on Mt. Seymour from the Snowshoe Center, however you can also rent snowshoes for the day from Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) on Cambie Street in Vancouver for a bit cheaper.

If you’re looking for a great workout while enjoying some of Vancouver’s finest scenery this snowshoe trail is for you!


Interesting facts – the hike to Dog Mountain is much easier in the winter than in the summer months, in my opinion. In summer time the tree roots are exposed along the trail and it can get very muddy making it a technically challenging hike. In the winter you can easily glide over those roots because of all the snow. It’s nice to be able to take full advantage of the snowy winter conditions and have a bit of an easier trek up to enjoy that view.

Ok, so this next photo is pretty nerdy to include but I wanted to show you Dog Mountain summit from both summer and winter perspectives. Enjoy 🙂

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